Update your Seizure Action Plan (SAP)
Discuss your Seizure Action plan with your doctor and have them sign off on the document.
Take the time to discuss rescue medication options available to you and incorporate in your Seizure Action Plan

Prepare Your School

  • School Personnel Training – Ensure that all staff at the school are trained in Seizure Recognition and First Aid. Download and Provide Posters for School if they do not have them available.
  • Schedule a meeting with School Staff (or include during a scheduled 504 or IEP meeting) to discuss any accommodations needs and the Seizure Action Plan.
  • Make sure your child’s classroom is prepared. Do they have a seizure comfort kit? It could include a pillow, a blanket, an extra set of clothing, a special snack, or anything else to help your child post-seizure.
  • Complete any forms required for medication – including Anti-Seizure Drugs, (ASDs) as well as Rescue Medications. Get an extra labeled bottle of medication for the school if you child takes medication on campus.
Educate Classmates

Work with your school to educate your child’s classmates about Epilepsy and Seizures. Education is key to reducing stigma.

Seizure ID Products

Ensure that you have a wearable item to indicate to people that you have epilepsy in case you have a seizure in a setting without people who know you have epilepsy. Epilepsy Alliance America can provide a $35 coupon to individuals with epilepsy towards a product from GetMyId.com.

Get Support

Epilepsy can too often be an isolating condition. Consider finding a support group for you and your family.
Learn more about the Member Organizations of Epilepsy Alliance America and the programs and services they offer to people with epilepsy and their families.