Epilepsy Alliance America announces SEIZURE ID Program

Epilepsy Alliance America will be providing more than 2,000 Seizure ID products to people with epilepsy who need them through this one-of-a-kind campaign in the epilepsy community.

The Seizure ID Program is made possible through a partnership with Greenwich Biosciences, now part of Jazz Pharmaceuticals

How to get your Seizure ID Product

Individuals with epilepsy are eligible to receive a $35.00 coupon to be used at www.getmyid.com where they can purchase a Seizure ID wristband or other product of their choice.

The Epilepsy Alliance America Seizure ID Program is an initiative promoting safety and independence for patients with epilepsy. The program will allow doctors and first responders treating a patient to have access to their emergency contact information through a QR code as well as patient-provided information about their epilepsy.

There are multiple QR code products available at getmyid.com. Individuals living with epilepsy will be able to select the product of their choice ranging from bracelets, tags, wallet cards or stickers. Patients are provided the opportunity to create their own profile that is accessible through the QR code. Getmyid.com provides the patient the ability to access, manage and store their information in the quickest and safest manner possible.

Terms and Conditions:
GetMyID.com coupon codes are limited to one code per person. Codes are unique to the recipient and can only be used one time. These coupons are intended for individuals living with epilepsy who are in need of a Seizure ID device and do not have other means to purchase one.  

The amount of the codes was changed from $25.00 to $35.00 on February 10, 2022.  We thank everyone for their feedback that was used to make this change to the program.  

If you live with epilepsy and do have the means to purchase your own device please do so directly at www.getmyid.com.  Email admin@epilepsyallianceamerica.org for a 15% discount code.  

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