There are over 40 different types of seizures. Seizure alert & detection devices can assist in detecting when a seizure is occurring and will issue an alert to parents, friends, or caregivers. Please consult your neurologist and other members of your care team to research available devicesSudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) is a concern for many parents whose child with epilepsy has seizures during the night. While no device has been proven to prevent seizure-related deaths, technology is available that can lower the risk Epilepsy Alliance America and our member organizations feel strongly that people living with epilepsy or seizure disorders should have information and resources at their disposal to support living well with seizures.

We encourage you to reach out to the manufacturers of the Seizure Alert and Detection Devices directly, talk with your physician and care team, and make a decision as to the type of technology that best fits the needs of your specific situation.

The following member organizations of Epilepsy Alliance America provide financial support to qualified applicants for the purchase of Seizure Alert and Detection Devices:

Josh Provides accepts applications from individuals across the United States.

The Danny Did Foundation is a national organization advancing awareness of Epilepsy and Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)

They have funded monitoring devices for families in all 50 states and 14 countries to date.

Danny Did Grants Program

Monitors and Devices

The following list of Monitors and Devices is provided as a resource by Epilepsy Alliance America.  It is not meant to represent all of the available products and by listing the products here Epilepsy Alliance America is not endorsing these products. We encourage you to reach out to the manufacturers of the products directly, talk with your physician and care team, and make a decision as to the type of technology that best fits the needs of your specific situation.

SmartMonitor SmartWatch Inspyre

The SmartWatch Inspyre™ by Smart Monitor is designed to be used on a Samsung or Apple Watch to detect repetitive shaking motion. When the Inspyre detects abnormal motion, it sends a signal to the app running on the user’s device (iPhone or Android phone) to send text and phone call alerts to whomever the SmartWatch Inspyre™ user designates, such as multiple family members and care providers. This feature utilizes the watch’s Bluetooth® functionality to connect with the wearer’s smartphone. This means that the wearer must have their own cell phone with a data plan paired to the watch to ensure that messages that include the date, time, location, and duration of the event are accurately delivered to the designated individuals. SmartWatch Inspyre™ users can also summon help with the push of a button. Alerts can be sent to any phone, anywhere, and reports of each event can be accessed for later review with physicians.

For more information on the SmartWatch, visit

Embrace2 Watch

Embrace2 Watch is the FDA-cleared watch that uses groundbreaking technology to detect possible generalized tonic-clonic seizures, and immediately alert caregivers. To learn more about the Embrace2 watch, visit Empatica’s website or contact Empatica’s support team at

The Emfit Movement Monitor

The Emfit Movement Monitor is a bed monitor that triggers an alert when it senses repetitive muscle spasms like that of a tonic-clonic/grand mal seizure. The Emfit Movement Monitor consists of two main components: a flexible and durable bed sensor placed under the mattress and a bed-side monitor with sophisticated embedded software. The Movement Monitor detects when a person has continuous fast movements over a pre-set amount of time (which is adjustable to suit your needs) and then triggers an audible alarm.Visit EpiUSA EMFIT Movement Monitors website and a YouTube instructional video is available here.


SAMi® is a video-based sleep activity monitor for parents, caregivers and individuals that need to watch carefully for unusual movements at night. SAMi can detect and alarm on all types of movement, with settings that can be easily customized to your individual needs. During sleep, the SAMi camera’s proprietary technology monitors for unusual or abnormal movement in the field of view. When abnormal movement is detected, an alarm sounds on the Apple device running the SAMi iOS app (iPhone / iPod / iPad / Mac) and displays a live video / audio feed. Within seconds, the individual or caregiver can take any necessary action. SAMi will not only reliably alert you to abnormal movement, but automatically records high quality video and audio of the event, providing invaluable video evidence for Neurologists, Epileptologists, and other Healthcare providers to accurately diagnose and prescribe effective treatment plans. For more information, visit SAMi’s website at