Thank you for completing the Seizure First Aid Training for School Personnel.  Here are Resources referenced during the training for your use.

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Seizure Training
Seizure First Aid Training conducted by our Member Organizations

Thank you for completing the On Demand training. Here you can explore in-person and other training options available for you and your colleagues from our member organizations.

Rescue Videos
Rescue Medications Training Videos (English and Spanish)

As you learned in the training, there are many types of rescue medications your doctor can prescribe. These videos demonstrate how to administer the most common types usually prescribed.

Seizure Action Plan
Seizure Action Plan

Available in both English and Spanish
You learned in the training that a Seizure Action Plan (ASAP) is a document that provides detailed health and medical information about an individual and their epilepsy or seizure disorder. The Seizure Action Plan provides guidelines regarding how to respond when and individual is experiencing a seizure. This document will include input from the individual’s guardian, physician, and/or neurology specialist.

Seizure Observation Record
EAA Seizure Observation Record

Part of a person’s Seizure Action Plan typically includes timing and observing the seizure – and then reporting that information to the person and their care partners. This is a sample Seizure Observation Record you can download and use.

Seizure First-Aid Posters
Seizure First Aid Posters

You can download posters for your school from this page.

Training Videos
Videos from the Training

During the training you listened to real children with epilepsy share their experiences. The videos included in the training are here for you rewatch and/or share with your colleagues or students

Back to School Seizure Preparedness Webinar Banner
Back to School Seizure Preparedness Webinar

Watch videos from our September 2022 Back to School Seizure Preparedness Webinar. Good resources for both educators and parents.