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Georgia passes AJ’s Law – Making Schools Safer for Children with Epilepsy

Epilepsy Alliance America is proud to have partnered with AJ Taylor, a patient advocate from Georgia, and the National Advocates for Seizure Safe Schools to advocate for the passage of AJ’s Law which was signed by Governor Kemp on April 13, 2023.

“We are truly grateful to the Georgia Legislature for passing SB45. This important legislation was championed by Senator Jason Anavitarte and spearheaded by patient advocate, AJ Taylor, working in conjunction with the National Advocates for Seizure Safe Schools,” said Lisa Gallipoli, COO of Epilepsy Alliance America.

“Thanks to the fierce determination of patient advocates like AJ, Georgia is giving families the tools to know their kids can attend school safely, and with the full knowledge that if their child has a seizure, school personnel will be ready to deal with it. We look forward to this legislation becoming law and to providing access to training for school personnel across the state.

Learn more about AJ and his advocacy work here:
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