On Demand Seizure First Aid and Recognition Training for School Personnel is available 24/7. After you finish the training you will receive a proof of completion.

How will you receive your proof of completion?
You will need to provide your contact information at the COMPLETION of the training to receive your proof of completion which will be sent to you via email.

Please review our FAQs below. For additional questions about the training or if you did not receive your proof of completion, please email SeizureTraining@epilepsyallianceamerica.org.

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After you complete the training share it with your family, friends and colleagues.

Direct Access 


Epilepsy Alliance America’s OnDemand Seizure Recognition and First Aid training is available here. Take the training now and at the end you will be prompted to register and request a proof of completion.

Troubleshooting: If you have questions about the training or did not receive your proof of completion email, please email SeizureTraining@epilepsyallianceamerica.org. You will receive an IMMEDIATE response with instructions.

En Español 


Epilepsy Alliance America’s OnDemand Seizure Recognition and First Aid training is now available in spanish.



PublicSchoolWORKS is an online learning management system that provides training for school staff. Epilepsy Alliance America’s Seizure Recognition and First Aid Training is available on PublicSchoolWORKS (as of January 2024). If you already use PublicSchoolWORKS for your training needs we encourage you to take the training at PublicSchoolWORKS.

PublicSchoolWORKS Troubleshooting: Any support or troubleshooting for those taking the training via PublicSchoolWORKS are managed by PublicSchoolWORKS. Contact PublicSchoolWORKS here.



Epilepsy Alliance America’s Seizure Recognition and First Aid Training is available on Train.org (as of December 2021). If you already have a Train.org account for your public-health learning needs and are familiar with the platform, we encourage you to take the training at Train.org.

TRAIN Troubleshooting: Train.org has support documents and a support team available to help. You can contact Train.org for help here.

Some FAQs about the Training

How often do I need to take this training?
Please check with your school district, state Board of Education or local member organization of Epilepsy Alliance America for information specific to your state or location. Some states have legislation in place that the training must be taken every other year and legislation is pending in many other locations.

Who will my data be shared with?
Epilepsy Alliance America will collect your demographic information and school information at the completion of the training. Your data will be shared with the member organization(s) in your area. If you do not wish to have your data shared with one of our member organizations, please email admin@epilepsyallianceamerica.org.

Epilepsy Alliance America will NOT add you to its regular email list without your consent. You can Opt In to the regular Epilepsy Alliance America mailing list here. Epilepsy Alliance America reserves the right to email you 1-2 times during the year with follow-up materials and resources for your school at which time you can opt-out of future correspondence.

Does Epilepsy Alliance America offer CMUs?

At this time we do not offer CMUs for the training.
Continuing education credits (1.0) are available for certified health educators (CHES)
If you need CHES credits you will be prompted at the end of the training for the appropriate information.

How can I access the Resources from this Training?
The resources from the training are available here for your use at any time.
An optional module regarding Mental Health and Epilepsy was added to the training in August 2023. You can access the module by repeating the training, or by reviewing the content here.

Is the training still available at Train.org?
YES. The training is still available to take at www.train.org.
The same content is in the training here with a much easier registration process!
If you want to take the training on the Train.org website you can do so. You will have to register on their website to take the assessments, training and receive your certificate.  If you take the training via Train.org we recommend that you download this guide from Train in advance.

Who should take this training?
This Seizure Recognition and First Aid Training was developed for school personnel. All school personnel – teachers, administrators, nurses, drivers, coaches, aides, custodians – can benefit from this training. While the training addresses specifics about the school-setting, anyone seeking to learn the basics of epilepsy and how to recognize and respond to a seizure could benefit from the content.

What are the Learning Objectives of the training?
After completing this training, learners will:

  • Understand the basics about epilepsy
  • Recognize common seizure types, treatment options, and their possible impact on student learning
  • Identify appropriate first aid and recognize when a seizure is a medical emergency
  • Understand how to administer rescue medicines, if applicable
  • Know where to find local community support for more information
  • Learn about the impact that epilepsy can have on the mental health of children (optional module)