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Epilepsy Alliance America joins ACT Against COVID

COVID Testing

Epilepsy Alliance America is pleased to announce we have joined as a member of the Alliance for Comprehensive Testing (ACT), or ACT Against COVID. As a member of the alliance, we’re dedicated to educating the epilepsy community about the importance of and information on comprehensive COVID-19 testing. With the use of COVID-19 testing strategies, we can help protect our community and get back to daily life responsibly.

To help individuals and organizations navigate COVID-19 testing options, ACT provides a Right Test Right Time tool to help you determine when you should get a COVID test and which test you should receive.

COVID Testing

It is more important than ever to stay informed about COVID-19 testing to slow the spread of the virus, as the COVID Delta variant is spreading even faster than the original COVID strain and cases continue to rise around the country. For more information on the different types of COVID-19 tests and how you can help raise awareness about the importance of ongoing COVID testing, visit


Post COVID syndrome
This white paper outlines a summary of the post-COVID syndrome condition, based on current clinical research findings, including symptoms, testing, and patient resources.

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