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Epilepsy Alliance America attends American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting in Nashville

Epilepsy Alliance America representatives attended the American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee on December 2-5, 2022.  Board members, member organizations, and members of the National Professional Advisory Committee had the opportunity to attend the meeting. It was educational, informative and impactful and a great opportunity to be together IN PERSON!

Epilepsy Alliance America holds first IN PERSON National Professional Advisory Committee Meeting

NPAC Members and Epilepsy Alliance America Board Members at AES 2022

The National Professional Advisory Committee (NPAC) of Epilepsy Alliance America is composed of epilepsy experts across a wide range of medical disciplines. The NPAC formed in 2021 and has been meeting virtually on a quarterly basis.  The NPAC helps to lead and advise the Board of Directors on program policy and development.  The NPAC ensures that we make accurate judgments about whether programs are focused and effective, caring and responsive, well led, and based on sound, scientific, and evidence-based data that considers the needs of people living epilepsy and those who care for them.

Members of the NPAC and members of the Epilepsy Alliance America Board of Directors were able to meet IN PERSON for the first time at the AES Annual Meeting in Nashville in December 2022.  As with all meetings – virtual gets the job done – but nothing beats an in-person get together!  The NPAC looks forward to meeting annually face-to-face during the AES annual meeting weekend.

Kathy Schrag and Peggy Beem Jelley Poster Presentation at AES

Peggy Beem Jelley and Kathy Schrag

Epilepsy Alliance America Board Members Present Poster at AES

Kathy Shrag, Epilepsy Alliance Ohio CEO, and Peggy Beem Jelley, Epilepsy Association of Western and Central Pennsylvania CEO, presented a poster at the meeting. The poster, A Case Study in Science-to-Service: Application of Epilepsy Self-Management describes and summarizes progress on a CDC-funded five-year project. Self-management for people with epilepsy and a history of negative health events (SMART) is a group-format, remotely delivered epilepsy self-management program designed to assist people with epilepsy. Researchers from Case Western Reserve University and three community organizations (Epilepsy Alliance Ohio, Epilepsy Association Western and Central Pennsylvania, and Epilepsy Association Cleveland) are working together to deliver the program. People with epilepsy who live in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky are eligible to participate.

Representatives from SAFE – South Carolina Advocates for Epilepsy – one of Epilepsy Alliance America’s member organizations

Epilepsy Alliance America Meets Thousands of Attendees and Vendors

Epilepsy Alliance America had the opportunity to interact with thousands of attendees at AES.  It was great to meet health care providers, industry leaders, and other patient advocacy group leaders. We had a great time sharing ideas, materials and planning for 2023 and beyond.

Epilepsy Alliance America Board Members Jeff Sinsebox and Sarah Korba

Epilepsy Alliance America looks forward to attending the American Epilepsy Society meeting in 2023 – see you in Orlando!

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