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Press Release – International Epilepsy Day marked around the world!

February 2020

International Epilepsy Day marked around the world!

International Epilepsy Day is a global event celebrated annually on the second Monday in February, to promote awareness of epilepsy around the world. This year it takes place on Monday, February 10th.

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder which affects the brain. It is a tendency to have seizures, periods of unusual behaviour, sensations, or sometimes a loss of awareness. It is estimated that 65 million people are living with epilepsy around the world.

Epilepsy Alliance America is showing our support on International Epilepsy day here in America by sharing stories and pictures using the #EpilepsyDay Hashtag on our social media platforms. In Columbus, Epilepsy Alliance Ohio is hosting Mom’s night out, an opportunity for mom’s to enjoy dinner, craft making and connecting with others!

Dr. Adeola Sonaike, Board of Director of Epilepsy Alliance America, explained the importance of raising epilepsy awareness:

“We recognize that receiving an epilepsy diagnosis can be isolating, as so many people truly do not understand that epilepsy is a spectrum disorder that varies in severity and presentation from individual to individual. It is our goal at Epilepsy Alliance America to continue to raise awareness, connect, and inspire people impacted by epilepsy by reminding them that they are not alone. Epilepsy Alliance America was founded by many states with one alliance, and that alliance will always be to people with epilepsy.”

On February 10th people are encouraged to share photos, videos or stories on social media with the hashtag #EpilepsyDay, and see posts shared around the world via an interactive map on the International Epilepsy Day website –

For information about epilepsy support in your region, visit

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