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Anto Bagić MD, PhD, FAES, FACNS

University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Anto Bagić, MD, PhD, FAES, FACNS, is the Chief of the Epilepsy Division at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Department of Neurology.  He is also a Professor of Neurology, Director, UPMC Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU), Director, University of Pittsburgh Comprehensive Epilepsy Center (UPCEC), and Director, UPMC MEG Epilepsy Program.

Dr. Bagić has focused his clinical practice on diagnosing and treating (pharmacologically and nonpharmacologically) patients with the most challenging epilepsies and optimizing the use of MEG in the process.  Dr. Bagić received his PhD, MSc and MD degrees from the University of Zagreb Medical School in Croatia.

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