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Epilepsy Alliance America Releases Seizure First Aid in The Age of COVID-19 poster for use in public schools

Epilepsy Alliance America announced today that it has developed and released a new poster for use in schools called Seizure First Aid in the Age of COVID-19. This new resource is available for distribution nationwide and outlines additional considerations and steps necessary to keep those providing and those receiving help during a seizure safe from the spread of the coronavirus.

Jeff Sinsebox , President of Epilepsy Alliance America’s Board of Directors said,  “All of our state EAA partners have copies of the poster available for distribution in the school and community and, copies can be obtained by visiting the EAA website at” or contacting the EAA at 1-800-642-0500 .

In addition to distributing the poster, seizure first aid training and epilepsy, education for teachers, school nurses and other school personnel is available through the EAA and each of its state partners.

Greenwich Biosciences, a US leader in the field of cannabinoid prescription medicines and a partner with Epilepsy Alliance America, provided a grant to make the publication of the Seizure First Aid in the Age of COVID-19 poster possible.  “We are extraordinarily thankful to our partners at Greenwich”, said Sinsebox.  “Making this poster available is going to help transition students with epilepsy back into fulltime classroom instruction and keep them there.” 

Epilepsy Alliance America is a nation-wide network of community-based epilepsy organizations dedicated to confronting the challenges created by seizures through the promotion of independence and quality of life for people with epilepsy and their families.

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