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Sarah Dau

New Jersey - Board Member

Sarah Dau is the VP of Business Development at The Power Practice, providing practice management consulting services and empowering optometrists to accomplish their goals to create, develop and/or grow their dream practice.  Doctors do not receive business and entrepreneurship training while in optometry school.  Power Practice helps to bridge the gap between clinical training and business ownership so each and every client can approach their practice in an organized and strategic manor.   She finds her role incredibly rewarding and believes the company, and her personal success, is a direct result of amazing clients coupled with a collaborative team she is honored to work with every day.

Sarah has been a long-standing advocate and voice to the epilepsy community.  Her mission to create awareness and support those individuals and families affected by epilepsy is a personal one.  Her father was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 18 years old.  At the time of diagnosis, the neurologist told him not to tell anyone about his seizures because no one would want to be his friend.  As a result, this created a sense of isolation and shame with the only coping tool he was directed to use – silence.  Fast forward to 2008, Sarah’s 8-year-old son was also diagnosed with epilepsy.  Her father’s biggest fear was that someone would learn of his grandson’s diagnosis resulting in he too, having to live under the same stigma.   He wanted Sarah to “protect” him by keeping “the secret.”  She instinctively knew, the best way to protect him was to spread awareness and turn fears into understanding and acceptance.  It was time to change the narrative!  In 2009, Sarah contacted Epilepsy Services of NJ (ESNJ) for help and support.  ESNJ provided that much needed support and guidance which helped funnel fears and emotions of our journey into action.  Sarah and her family soon found themselves volunteering for Epilepsy Services of NJ, participating in epilepsy walks, events, speaking engagements, advocating on “the Hill” in Washington, DC, to her son being the main character in a comic book all about epilepsy.  In 2019, she was asked to become a board member to help support Epilepsy Services of NJ, under their umbrella organization of Family Resource Network.  To date, she serves as the Executive VP of the board.

When not working or advocating, you will find Sarah enjoying spending time with her husband, Eric, and their 3 children, rescue dog, George, as well as extended family and friends.  She also serves as a volunteer assistant coach to her local high school’s gymnastics team.   She strives to live by one of her favorite mantras, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  This has “fueled her fire” in both her professional and personal life.  Sarah looks forward to serving and supporting all within the epilepsy community and is excited to be a part of Epilepsy Alliance America.