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Michael A. Rosado

Puerto Rico - Board Member

Michael A. Rosado, he first joined the Puerto Rico Epilepsy Society back in 1984, as a patient, after more than 16 with the condition, back in 2001  with his condition totally out of control, was summited to a brain surgery at NYU, surgery that put an end to his condition. Because of this, Back in 2002 he joined the Puerto Rico Epilepsy Society Board of Director, Today, being 100 percent seizures free, and no medication for the past 18 years, has become the first patient that achieves the Presidency of the Puerto Rico Epilepsy Society. As President today, as dedicated his effort trying to provide others diagnose with this condition, with all the assistance, services and treatment available today, also emphasizing in providing  the proper orientation about this condition to all different agencies, schools, university and community in general that provide services to them. Being recognized for his service in multiple occasion by different entities nationwide. Reason why today is also serving as a Founding Member at the Board of the Directors of Epilepsy Alliance of America.