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Amanda Mitchell

Louisiana - Board Member

Amanda Mitchell is the Executive Director of Epilepsy Alliance Louisiana. Ms. Mitchell is responsible for the leadership and strategic management of the organization. Ms. Mitchell works with stakeholders across multiple sectors to raise awareness of epilepsy and the development of strategies to improve the lives of those living with epilepsy in Louisiana. Ms. Mitchell has developed several new programs and increased grant funding to provide more comprehensive support for people living with epilepsy in Louisiana, including the Epilepsy Education Series and the Patient Assistance Program.

Ms. Mitchell has earned a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science from Southeastern Louisiana University and a Master of Public Health in Behavioral and Community Health Sciences from the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center School of Public Health.

Ms. Mitchell is passionate about raising awareness of the public health impact of epilepsy and promoting  programs and policies that will address the challenges, disparities, and inequalities in epilepsy. She is inspired by the extraordinary strength and determination of people living with epilepsy and the dedication of their families and caregivers.