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Epilepsy Alliance America supports Safe Step Act (HR 2163/S 464)

Epilepsy Alliance America is proud to be supporting Safe Step Act (HR 2163 / S464)

This legislation would provide patients and providers with a clear and transparent appeals process when subject to step therapy protocols instituted by insurers.

A medication step-therapy protocol establishes a specific sequence in which prescription drugs are covered by a group health plan or a health insurance issuer. Step-therapy protocols may require patients to try and fail an insurer-preferred medication before being covered by the physician-prescribed medication. Many insurers have instituted this practice to help control the costs of expensive medications.  However, while this practice may initially reduce insurer costs, it can have devastating health
consequences for patients and ultimately lead to more expensive health care costs in the long run.

This legislation would help patients and physicians by requiring insurers to implement a clear and fair appeals process that is easily accessible on the plan’s website that allows step therapy to be bypassed in medically necessary circumstances such as when a patient is already stable on a therapy. The legislation would also establish a time frame in which insurers must respond to appeals to ensure that patients can receive appropriate treatment in a timely manner

Safe Step Act (HR 2163 / S464)


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