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Congratulations to the winners for the 2022 Lorna Myers Scholarship

Thanks to the continued generosity of Dr. Lorna Myers, Epilepsy Alliance America has a scholarship program for students with a diagnosis of psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES).  In June 2022 Epilepsy Alliance America awarded four scholarships to students with a diagnosis of PNES. These one-time awards were based on the quality of applications through a competitive scoring system that balanced need with achievement.

Thank you again to Dr. Lorna Myers who donates the royalties of her book, PSYCHOGENIC NON-EPILEPTIC SEIZURES: A GUIDE, to Epilepsy Alliance America, making these scholarships possible.

The 2022 Lorna Myers Scholarship Winners

Clara Kopp,

Rene Peters,
New York

Isabelle Schwab,

Anna Pugh,

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