Epilepsy Alliance America (EAA) is proud to invite you to join us in a series of virtual run/walks appropriately named "America Walks for Epilepsy"!

Across America, the EAA mission is to support those impacted by epilepsy in local communities by confronting the spectrum of challenges created by seizures. The America Walks for Epilepsy events are designed to:

  • Provide friends, family and loved ones of those living with epilepsy an opportunity to come together to support their loved ones affected by epilepsy
  • Raise awareness that EAA has a presence in local communities and is there to provide educational and support services and direct-care to patients

All proceeds from the America Walks for Epilepsy Run/Walks will remain in the local communities where the events are hosted. Programs supported by the proceeds include, but not limited to weekend and summer camps, emergency medication assistance, educational conferences and workshops, respite services, medical services, seizure response dogs, scholarships for high school seniors, case management services, employment assistance and seizure recognition and first aid trainings, and more.

Please see the list of upcoming America Walks for Epilepsy Run/Walks in your local community and join us! Register today by clicking on the link in your area.

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Virtual Walks

2020 Dates Run/Walk Event Name Location
May 30 Walk for Healthy Community
(Hosted by Highmark)
Event Website
May 31 Walk the Talk Event Website
Download Flyer
June 6 Walk for Healthy Community Event Website
June 13 Family Run/Walk for Epilepsy -
June 20 Walk for Healthy Community Event Website
July* Virtual Walk/Run/Bike for Epilepsy Event Website
August 1 Walk for Healthy Community Event Website
August 8 Family Run/Walk for Epilepsy -
September* Tanya's Trot -
September* EPI Walk -
November* Walk the Talk -
November* 5K -
November* Caminata de Puerto Rico -
*Run/Walks may potentially be conducted "live". To be determined at a later date.