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Adeola Sonaike, PhD, MPH, CHES

New Jersey - Board Member

Dr. Adeola Sonaike is the Senior Vice President of Health & Innovation at Epilepsy Services of New Jersey in East Windsor, NJ and a Founding Board Member of Epilepsy Alliance America. With over 8 years of experience developing public health programs and initiatives for people with epilepsy and their family caregivers, Dr. Sonaike’s primary responsibilities include overseeing existing and emerging health and research initiatives; directing public policy and advocacy efforts, both nationally and within New Jersey; and fostering new business development through community engagement and the formation of strategic collaborative relationships.

Dr. Sonaike received her PhD in Public Health/Epidemiology from Walden University, based in Minneapolis, MN. She also received a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Walden University, and her Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences from Rutgers University, based in NJ. Her areas of expertise include health policy, chronic disease prevention, intellectual and developmental disabilities, epidemiology, and neuroepidemiology. As a scholar-practitioner, Dr. Sonaike teaches both undergraduate and graduate students at Monmouth University and Rowan University respectively in public health and health policy related courses.

Acknowledging the broader impact of epilepsy and its comorbidities on overall health, Dr. Sonaike volunteers for the Health Leadership Legacy Project as a result of her participation in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Culture of Health Leaders Fellowship Program. Through these efforts, Dr. Sonaike aims to preserve and promote her commitment to creating an inclusive culture of health for people of all abilities. Dr. Sonaike also serves as the Chair for the National Caregivers Conference, a bi-annual conference dedicated to the future of caregiving in America.