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New Resource for Women with Epilepsy

International Bureau for Epilepsy

International Bureau for Epilepsy launches a special website for women with epilepsy

Epilepsy Alliance America is a proud member of the International Bureau for Epilepsy

Being diagnosed with epilepsy is a significant moment in anyone’s life but for a woman with epilepsy there are additional issues with which to contend, such as pregnancy, hormones, sexual relations and planning a healthy family.

To provide women of childbearing age with all the information they need, IBE has developed a dedicated website brimming with information and support tools, which has just launched.

The website was created following a survey involving 900 in nine countries across Europe which found that there is huge room for improvement when it comes to educating and supporting every woman with epilepsy who would like to have a child.

While many women receive sound education and advice around the topic, others we surveyed told us that the information they received was frightening and confusing, with some deciding not to have children or being afraid to get pregnant because of it.

Between a third and two thirds of those we surveyed, depending on the country, told us they didn’t get any information about contraception. High numbers also told us they weren’t given advice at all about planning their pregnancy.

Trustworthy information and empathetic support is vital for women with epilepsy, particularly as they consider pregnancy, and this is what we have made available at We invite you to visit the site where you will find the answers to questions such as:

  • Why is epilepsy different for women?
  • What are hormones and how do they affect epilepsy?
  • How does puberty affect epilepsy?
  • Will epilepsy affect my sex life?
  • Epilepsy and contraception
  • Epilepsy and valproate
  • Accidental or unplanned pregnancy
  • What you need to know to have the healthiest pregnancy possible
  • Risks to the foetus of an unmanaged pregnancy in a woman with epilepsy
  • Questions for your doctor and much more!